Inflatable Drain Test Bag

How to Choose the Right Size and Type of Inflatable Drain Test Bag?

Inflatable Drain Test Bag

Choosing the proper size and type of inflatable drain test bags for your plumbing or construction projects is critical for success. Choosing the incorrect one can result in inefficiencies and even costly errors.

Steps to ensure you pick the perfect inflatable drain test bag for your needs

Measure Your Pipe Diameter Accurately

The first step in selecting the correct size inflatable drain test bag is to correctly measure the diameter of the pipe you’ll be working on. Determine the inner diameter of the pipe using a piece of dependable measurement equipment, such as a caliper or measuring tape. Be exact, as even little differences can impact the seal and test results.

Consider the Length of the Bag

In addition to the diameter, the length of the inflatable drain test bag should be considered. It should be long enough to seal the part of the pipe that needs testing or blocking. To guarantee a correct fit, precisely measure the length of the pipe segment.

Account for Pipe Material and Conditions

The type of pipe material and the conditions under which you will use the inflatable drain test bag are important considerations. Some bags are made for specific materials or situations, such as PVC pipes or exposure to severe chemicals. To ensure longevity and efficacy, select a bag that is compatible with the material and conditions of your job.

Determine the Pressure Rating

The pressure ratings of various inflatable drain test bags differ. It is critical to understand the pressure at which you will be testing the pipe. To ensure safety and reliability, choose a bag with a pressure rating that comfortably surpasses your testing requirements.

Assess the Valve Type

To simplify the use and increase the efficiency of the inflatable drain test bag, the valve is important. The common types of valves are Single-action valves and Dual-action valves. 

The single-action valve allows air into the bag when you touch a button. This makes the inflation faster and easier. On the other hand, a dual-action valve allows both inflation and deflation. This gives you more control over the process. They are good for making very precise changes.

Choose the valve type that corresponds to your tastes and the unique needs of your project.

Consider Reusability

If you intend to reuse the inflated drain test bag, consider purchasing a reusable bag. These bags are often made of long-lasting materials that can endure repeated usage, making them an economical alternative for long-term projects.

Seek Expert Advice if Necessary

If you are unsure about the size or type of inflatable drain test bag you require, consult an expert or provider. Based on your specific project needs, the experts will help you make an informed decision. Their guidance will make the selection process easy and quick. 

The size and type of inflatable drain test bag you choose are critical to the success and efficiency of your plumbing or construction job. So, consider the steps outlined in this post.

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