AEG Power tools have been a market-leading supplier of professional trade power tools since 1898. Our company is a trusted dealer of AEG here in the Middle East and across Africa. We also offer Lithium-Ion cordless drills and other battery power tools, hammer drills, metalworking equipment, woodworking equipment and percussion drills and accessories. AEG Power tools is a reputable brand that continually integrated relevant technologies and innovation.

There are various types and kinds of AEG power tools are available based on the needs of their customer base. Here are products available- for Woodworking, AEG electrical tools that are available include saws, sanders, nail guns, planers, routers, heat guns, dust extractors and multi-tools. For drilling and breaking purposes, the various power tools available at AEG power tools include hammer drill drivers, drill drivers, SDS plus, SDS max etc. For fastening purposes, the various products offered by the company includes a wide range of impact drivers, impact wrenches and screwdrivers. For metalworking processes, products available are various kinds of grinders, die grinders, polishers and metal chop saws. Various site equipment that can be purchased at AEG power tools includes a wide range of lights, Jobsite radios and laser distance measurer.

Apart from the above mentioned, products a variety of accessories for varied power tools are also available. These include batteries of different powers, chargers for all equipment, drilling and screw driving accessories, SDS plus accessories, all sorts of sewing accessories like wood, metal or plastic jigsaw blades, all kinds of sanding instrument accessories like abrasive paper hooks and loops, abrasive paper clamp types, abrasive disc hook and loops etc, various polishing instrument accessories like base plates. With 120+ plus years of experience in the market, AEG Power tools will help you work smarter and finish the job right on time.

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12V Cordless System (6)

AEG 18V Cordless System (34)

AEG Powertools 14.4V Cordless System (3)

AEG Powertools Large Angle Grinders (5)

Combi Hammers (7)

Diamond Drill (1)

Die Grinders (2)

Large Demolition and Combi Hammers (8)

Percussion Drills - Professional (2)

Rotary Drills (1)

Rotary Hammers (1)

Sander / Polisher (2)

Sanders (6)

Saws (13)

Screwdrivers (2)

Small Angle Grinders (5)