AFF is a manufacturers of Power tools, well-known brand in UAE & Middle East. They are , Bar Bending & Cutting Machines, Block & Asphalt Cutters, Compactors, Rollers, Plate, Rammers, Compressors, Contractor’s Plant, Hoists & Elevators, Concrete Mixers (Electric, Petrol, Diesel), Wood & Tile Cutters, Concrete Vibrators (Electric, Petrol, Diesel), Concrete Power Trowels (Petrol & Diesel), Power Generators (Petrol & Diesel), Welding Machines, Pressure Washer, Vaccum Cleaners Etc. We also offer maintenance and warranty.

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A-Style Air Compressor (4)

Air Compressor Pump (41)

B-Style Air Compressor (4)

Direct Driven Compressor (8)

F-Style Air Compressor (7)

Gasoline Engine B-Style Air Compressor (4)

H-Style Air Compressor (6)

Inverter Welding Machine (18)

Oil Free Air Compressor (14)