Bosch Power Tools in Dubai, UAE

The power tools from Bosch are engineered with excellence- meeting the highest standard in speed, accuracy, precision and robustness for great results. The power tools from Bosch are one of the most popular and used tools all over the world because of its non-stop search for innovation, perseverance in reaching its good quality, excellent accessories and world-class outstanding customer service. Whether it’s from Grinders, Drilling Hammers, Impact Wrenches, Jigsaws, Tablesaws, Cordless Tools, Heat Guns & Accessories -when it comes to Bosch, all are innovative and perfectly good in assisting you in making your life easier.

Bosch Power tools come with an easy-to-handle innovative switch system which has an indicator LED light and clearly shows if the tool is spinning forwards or backwards. If the tool has been in standby for a while, it starts in a forward direction. The brushless motor combines a significantly longer service life with more power. Electronically operated, it reduces heat, is contactless, wear-free and works with maximum efficiency, while its compactness enables a lighter and easier-to-use tool construction.

Bosch Power Tools Supplier in Dubai

Alsilmiya is the leading supplier of Bosch Power Tools in Dubai, UAE. Our company have a variety of Bosch power tools such as Cordless tools (12V DC, 18 V DC,18V EC, 36 V DC) Benchtop tools, Blowers & Hot Air Guns, Combi Hammers, Demolition Hammers, Diamond Technology, Dust Extractors, Jigsaws, Large & Mini Angle Grinders, Saws, Rotary Hammers & Impact Drills, Screwdrivers/Impact Wrenches & Straight Die Grinders.

Through the years in the market, our search for quality products has never ended. We make sure to get the best and innovative tools and accessories for concrete professionals in Dubai and in the UAE. We became an acknowledged supplier in the UAE for serving construction companies with the quality materials that they need. The power tools that we offer are branded with excellence and quality. They are suited for execution which is safe and durable. Our company also ensures the constant development of improving various testing of our products that we offer in the market.

Our company also makes sure that we are at par with Bosch International Standards in dealing with clients, that’s why we are an accredited dealer of Bosch here in the Middle East. Align with Bosch vision, we also strive to improve our services by searching for sophisticated and more improved technology of building materials. Its multifaceted endeavor requires resilient innovation strategy, fortifying infrastructure of practices and processes which allows innovation to thrive in the light of changing market trends and economies.

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